The conveyor oven with the best baking quality in the world.

serieT range

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Perfect baking at very high speed

with the greatest energy saving: up to -30%.

High quality with impingement technology

serieT embodies the essence of performance:
the solution with hot air jets studied for high production rhythm performing the most advanced efficiency.

Ideal for any kind of product:

Pizza, bakery, pastry and gastronomy

Bake different.

Easy management

Production rate

Set temperature and programs, place the product on the belt and let the conveyor oven bake for you.
Recommended for restaurants, pizza chains and bakeries the remote management allows setting baking programs in all locations! Even unskilled staff can always bake high-quality products easily.

Baking one product after another is possible!
serieT is ready to bake in a short time, making baking performance fast and always perfect.
Ideal for satisfying the high production rhythm of pizza and restaurant chains.
Bake more, bake faster!

Limitless baking

Hi-tech and versatile, unique.

Shape your baking:

Bake like never before

Are you interested in this product?


serieT is the professional conveyor oven for every business: delivery, bakery, high-quality fast food, franchising, restaurants, pizza and restaurants chains, installation on ships, food retails, and so on.

serieT is the best among conveyor ovens: quick baking during high production rhythm, user-friendliness, safety for users – with the lowest temperature of its category in the external surfaces -, and technological efficiency. An unparalleled baking quality with the certainty of repeatable baking results.

The range of models T64, T75, TT96, TT98 are available gas or electric with a maximum reachable temperature of 320°C (608°F), while T75 reaches 400°C (752°F).
Energy saving: serieT exclusive technologies reduce consumption by 30% compared to serieP.

Why choose a Moretti Forni conveyor oven?
The advantages of a conveyor oven are:
Quality: serieT performs the highest quality and baking uniformity, thanks to internal technologies and forced air baking effectiveness
Multifunctionality: bake and heat not only pizza, but also many different products like bagels, tortillas, bretzels, croissants, pain au chocolat, meat, fish, vegetables, and so on.
Compact dimensions: serieT is really compact and reduced in size to be easily installed in any restricted space. In addition, STEP and RETURN functions allow discontinuous baking cycles or double crossing on belt, particularly useful in small spaces.
Customization: you can stack up to three conveyor ovens of the same model without chimney or combine them to satisfy your business needs.

How many products is it possible to bake with a conveyor oven?
According to the model and considering only one deck, the hour productivity range is:
serie T64: 25 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm e and 10 trays/h (60x40cm)
serie T75: 48 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm, 25 pizzas/h diameter 45 cm and 22 trays/h (60x40cm)
serie TT96: 100 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm, 38 pizzas/h diameter 45 cm
serie TT98: 125 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm, 48 pizzas/h diameter 45 cm and 54 trays/h (60x40cm)
serie TT98-L: 250 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm, 96 pizzas/h diameter 45 cm
serie TT98-XL: 375 pizzas/h standard diameter 33 cm, 144 pizzas/h diameter 45 cm

Clean and technological design:
Rationalized interface and minimal handle to contain required overall space.
The black colour, repeated also in the BlackBar logo Design, is the iconic element for this range: it enhances the stainless steel.

Stainless steel stationing support as standard, with special height-adjustable stop for the highest safety, is quickly removable to facilitate cleaning.
TT label means two ovens in one: TT96 e TT98, are the only models in the world with Quadra Temp™ Technology, the revolutionary technology that valorises our exclusive Dual-Temp® patent, allowing to set and differentiate up to 4 temperatures: 4 probes positioned both at the entrance and at the exit of ceiling and floor monitor the heat punctually for the entire baking process.