How much do your products cost?

Our ovens are highly customizable (no. of decks, finishes, supports, etc.) so we need to know your needs to create a tailor-made quote. Contact us by filling out the form here and we will be glad to answer all your questions.
If you prefer, you can contact your local dealer, consulting the list here.

Which oven for pizzeria, bakery and pastry do you recommend?

Go to our page “Which oven shall I choose?” and select the relevant variables. For further info we are at your disposal: contact us by filling out the form here or via chat.

Shall I choose an electric or gas oven?

One of the most frequent doubts when choosing a professional oven concerns the power supply: electric oven or gas oven? It depends on your kitchen!

Do you sell custom ovens?

We can study together the solution that best suits your needs. Contact us by filling out the form here, one of our representatives will contact you to help you choose the perfect oven for you.

Where can I find the instruction manual for my oven?

The instruction manual is inside each of our ovens. If you have lost it or need a new manual you can request it by email at service@morettiforni.com

I need professional training to use my oven.

You can scan the QR code on the oven and go on our detailed video tutorial page. For even more specific training you can contact our dealers, who are adequately prepared and help to support you. Click here to find the one closest to you.

Where can I find the recipes and settings? How can I request a baking consultation?

In our ovens menu you can find many programs specifically designed for perfect baking or you can request the recipe and setting guide here.
Furthermore, for all our customers who are looking for specific baking advice, we provide a free baking consultancy service with our Corporate Chefs. Request it here now. Our experts guarantee a tailor-made baking!

Where can I find your ovens?

Discover your local dealer, click here.

I am interested in your ovens: is it possible to try them?

Contact us here, selecting “MorettiLAB – Baking advice” in the motivation section, we will contact you to make an appointment.

I need Technical Assistance, I need a spare part.

If you are abroad you can contact your local dealer or write to us at: service@morettiforni.com


Where can I find Proven®?

Proven® is sold directly by the company. You can contact us here and we will be happy to answer all your questions or address you to the closest dealer.

Can I install it in my kitchen?

Proven® is a built-in oven that can also be installed in existing kitchens by respecting the parameters contained in the technical data sheet and in the instruction manual.

Can Proven® be installed under the hob?

For safety reasons, according to existing law, installation below the hob is forbidden. In addition, pyrolytic ovens must be installed at least 80 cm above the ground.

How many kW do I need to use it at home?

Proven®’s overall commitment is 3 kW, but its average consumption is 1.5kW, so it can also be installed with a 3.3 kW counter and contract.

Is it necessary to connect the oven to the water supply?

The connection is essential only for the vaporization.

Is it mandatory to install the "Pressure reducer and water filter kit"?

It is necessary for all those locations where a pressure regulator is not already present.

Can I also bake products like roasted meat, lasagna, potatoes, fish?

Proven® is a multifunction oven that can bake any kind of food. Furthermore, its integrated programs include a rich section of recipes dedicated to gastronomy.

Can I steam cook?

Proven® vaporization function is dedicated to leavened products like bread and panettone. The steam is spread during baking, but it does not literally steam cook directly, or with a controlled humidity chamber.