Perfect baking up to 400°C.
Where you want, even at home.

Pizza, bread, pastry, and gastronomy

Professional baking at home with only 1.5 kWh.

The refined and minimal Made in Italy design of Proven® communicates its origins as a professional oven perfectly

integrated with the refined style now required in the most advanced kitchens. Moretti Forni involved a team of designers and architects in order to create an object that is not only beautiful to use, but also to look at. Proven® was selected among the finalists at the 2020 Compasso d’Oro.

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A concentrate
of technology

With Proven®, the revolutionary professional oven for domestic use, Moretti Forni’s

technological experience is now also available at home. Proven® brings the perfect heat — distributed in an optimal way — for each product into the kitchen.
Baking uniformity never seen before!

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Up to 400°C for
a perfect pizza

Proven® is the only professional static oven in the world, that can also be inserted at home, which reaches a real 400°C with an average consumption

of 1.5 kWh and an installed power of only 3 kW (Proven 60). With the SmartBaking™ technology that allows you to bake directly on “0” level and manage the ceiling and floor power percentage separately, you can bake any type of pizza. Do you want to bake lots of pizzas in a short time? PizzaParty™ is the exclusive function dedicated to continuous baking.

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Clean as new
in one click

The automatic pyrolytic cleaning function allows you to remove any residual grease and dirt from the baking surface, all the residual becomes ash that can be easily removed.

By activating it, the oven locks its door and starts the high temperature heating phase for about 90 minutes.

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The scent of freshly
baked bread

Use Proven® steaming function combined with heat to obtain a fragrant bread with an ideal development

and a shiny, fine, and crunchy crust. The automated drain valve allows excess moisture to escape from the baking chamber without opening the door.

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Straight to the
heart of baking

The core probe is ideal to obtain the maximum baking precision monitoring the temperature.

Recommended for pastry and gastronomy products, directly linked to the selected program, it automatically switches off the oven once the set temperature is reached.

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There’s no limit
to your creativity!

Enhance the taste of your recipes with Proven® delicate baking. Using Dual-Temp® technology, you can set

two different temperatures for the ceiling and the floor and best calibrate the heat also for gastronomy products. Prepare your favorite dishes with the 7 functions dedicated to cooking enthusiasts: fish, meat, lasagna, and vegetables with the flavor of the past.

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Get help from Proven® even for the most elaborate preparations. With the Leavening function, keeping the fermentation temperature

constant you will obtain well-developed and alveolar doughs. The Dehydration mode, using the oven at a temperature between 10 °C and 120 °C, allows you to quickly extract the water present in the food.

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PROVEN® is the first and only professional oven in the world with static baking on the floor (level “0”) that can also be used at home, ideal for pizza, bread, pastry, and gastronomy. With a record temperature of 400 ° C, it is ideal for the perfect baking of quality pizzas with continuous production and minimal electrical effort.

Available in two sizes, 60 and 90 centimeters, PROVEN® is also the ideal tool for baking bread, thanks to the steaming function and the automatic drain valve, perfect for making panettone and other large leavened products with the special core probe, it is excellent for gastronomy, also baking on a level other than the floor thanks to the side grids.

PROVEN® is designed for built-in domestic insertion, control panel with TFT touch display, differentiated electronic management of ceiling and floor, for uniform and always perfect baking, programmed switch-on function, and real temperature that can be set from 20 ° C to 400 ° C. Steam valve with water connection, motorized steam exhaust valve, double halogen lighting, baking timer with end of baking setting, core probe input predisposition, and automatic cleaning program with pyrolytic function.

Class A Energy Rating.
Proven® is the ideal professional domestic oven for pizza, bread, pastry, and gastronomy thanks to its exclusive professional technologies studied by Moretti Forni experience:
SmartBaking® Technology: this is the main customized management mode of the oven. It allows you to set the baking temperature and to establish how much power to deliver separately to the ceiling(above) and floor (below), for maximum baking results.

Dual-Temp® Technology: this is the mode indicated for gastronomy, and allows separate management of the ceiling and floor temperatures, always delivering optimal heat only where it is needed.
PowerBooster®: the function that activates the ceiling and floor powers to the maximum, to be used when continuous baking at a fast pace is required.

PizzaParty®, the ad hoc program for continuous baking, you will discover a real miniaturized professional oven that allows a result never seen before.

Baking on level “0”: Proven® is the only oven in the world that allows you to bake directly on the floor. The floor is interchangeable between a rough refractory surface, dedicated to the direct baking of pizza and bread, and an embossed surface, ideal for pastry, large leavened products.

Dedicated core probe: the ideal tool for pastry and gastronomy. Directly linked to the selected program, it automatically switches off the oven once the set temperature is reached.

Vaporization and automated steam discharge valve: this setting is recommended for bread and pastry recipes and allows the introduction of steam which will be deposited on the product being baked; the valve allows you to adjust and customize the level of humidity inside the oven.

Controlled leavening: the function dedicated to precise and professional leavening of doughs. With the chamber off, it guarantees a constant temperature ranging from 10 to 40 ° C and can be set according to needs.

Eco mode: allows you to reduce the maximum energy absorption of the oven and is recommended in case of combined use with several appliances.

Pro-Grill: program designed for grilling, bringing the ceiling to the maximum temperature. Using this mode, the products are to be positioned between levels “2” and “3”, with the aid of the side grids.
Dehydration: This is the function dedicated to food dehydration. With the chamber off, the oven can be used at a temperature ranging from 10 to 120 ° C, setting it according to needs.

Pyrolytic cleaning: using the cleaning program, the oven blocks its door, reaching temperatures around 470 ° C and disintegrating dirt. Once it has cooled down, you can easily collect the residues with the brass bristle brush and the drip pan. And the oven is as good as new!

Proven® is the first compact high temperature oven that complies with the strict safety regulations in domestic applications.

What products can I bake with a static oven?
Static baking and the possibility of adjusting the power of ceiling and floor heating elements with absolute precision make Proven® a versatile tool suitable for various types of baking.
Thanks to the direct baking on refractory stone you can bake real pizza without temperature problems and, with the steaming function, you will get fresh bread with the right softness.

Maximum results also for pastry products, pies, and large leavened products such as plumcakes, muffins, doves, panettone, brioches, cinnamon rolls: the controlled and progressive delivery of heat respects the structure and development of each product, guaranteeing perfect baking.
Proven® is a static oven by which you can obtain always perfect and repeatable roasts, grills, braising.The dedicated menu with the Gastronomy section and the special core probe will make your recipes unforgettable!
Chicken, fish, roast, vegetables are baked specifically to achieve the best result, as in the kitchen of a great restaurant.

Grilling meat, fish, and vegetables is really simple with the Pro-Grill function: static baking also offers results with significantly better baking quality than the one you can obtain using a traditional convection oven.
Customize your passion as you want: a series of accessories for every need. To get a great result, a great passion is needed, and the right tools as well.
Proven® can be integrated with several specific kits to make baking perfect:
Pizzeria kit: shovel to bake, punch, pizza cutter, pastry cutter, aluminized pan, professional box for dough.
Pastry kit: core probe, perforated pan, support for hanging panettone with stainless steel pin.
Bread kit: shovel to bake, loader, aluminized tray, perforated baguette tray, dough box.

Proven® is the built-in oven also available with a case equipped with a drawer and support feet to use it in countertop mode or with a totem as an alternative to built-in integration. The totem features a minimalist and clean design, is made of black steel, and includes several drawers, where it is possible to store accessories, and a compartment for trays above the oven.
Inspired by professional kitchens and food lovers, Proven® is the professional oven designed for home use.

Proven® brings the perfect heat for each product into the kitchen, distributed in an optimal way to guarantee a baking uniformity never seen before.
at home / in a domestic oven / in the kitchen

A concentrate of innovative technologies such as Dual-Temp® Technology that allows you to adjust the temperature of ceiling and floor with millimeter precision, obtaining the perfect heat distribution inside the oven
Proven is equipped with dedicated technologies it is equipped with

You can also adjust the powers separately and activate them to the maximum with PowerBooster®.