The essential deck oven

iDeck range

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User-friendly and compact equipments

Excellent performances and extreme ease of use.

A wide range for pizzerias and “focaccerias”

Electronic version

Electro-mechanical version

iDeck, the electric deck oven available with one or two stackable decks. Dual-Power Technology™ controls power management: for the perfect baking of pizza and leavened products.

This professional electric oven comes in five dimensions with one or two stackable decks. The armored heating elements create heat and, in the basic version, it is possible to control electro-mechanically ceiling and floor temperatures.

A complete oven range to start your business

Are you interested in this product?


iDeck is the deck pizza oven, easy to use, with an excellent quality/price ratio, dynamic design and an excellent baking efficiency.

For both versions, all models are made of stainless steel and equipped with a single handle for an easy grip. Baking surface in refractory brick for the perfect heat distribution and maximum temperature of 450°C (850°F), make iDeck the electric pizza oven, unique in its category, ideal to bake directly on the refractory surface or on a tray.
Standard equipment is completed by door with tempered glass, for a better control of product during baking, and internal illumination, placed in a dedicated space for a higher protection from possible impacts.

All models can be installed as countertop ovens.
Optional: prover with or without humidifier, stand with or without tray-holder slides, hood and hood canalization with motor for steam extraction.

It is possible to buy iDeck combined with serieF, the convection oven by Moretti Forni, to get a complete working station in less than 1mq!