The world’s first oven with
Inclusive Technology

serieX range

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Take baking to the next level

AnyChef™ Technology

Technology becomes inclusive with AnyChef™ Technology, an innovative set of algorithms that automatically sets the ideal baking cycle, suggesting on the display the best zone to bake in.
The baking process is optimised for each type of product: pizza, bread, pastry and gastrononic products.
Cycles can also be integrated with your product recipe in every detail, from the type of flour and size to the degree of hydration and texture.
Using the intuitive sliders you can further fine-tune the cooking parameters.

Design is function

The special Steel-X finish, the high-tech handle that allows full or partial opening of the double doors and the interior mirrors in reflective steel put baking at the focus of attention.
The iconic styling emphasises the uniqueness of the serieX, allowing it to be integrated into any environment.
The design guarantees convenience under all conditions and at all times.

Less energy and man-hours

serieX is the oven with the lowest energy consumption that makes baking faultless, sustainable and accessible to any user.
The 45% reduction in consumption makes it suitable for use in any business with minimal running costs.
The baked product does not need to be checked continuously and the operator can concentrate on other tasks, saving man-hours.

The oven that becomes the heat you want!

All the know-how of Moretti Forni.

serieX is the automatic oven with cutting-edge technology and first-class intelligence.

Maximum baking versatility

Are you interested in this product?


Any Business

Ideal for any business, whether restaurant, pizzeria, bakery, pastry shop, bistro, hotel, chain restaurant, bar.

Any Product

Designed to cook any product perfectly, it enhances its taste, aroma and quality.

Any Place

The outstanding 45% reduction in consumption makes serieX the most sustainable oven for any location.

Any Chef

From the most experienced professionals to less trained operators, everyone can achieve perfect baking with serieX.