In pizzeria with serieP

Exceptional baking stability

The refractory deck accumulates and releases heat uniformly, with a unique and incomparable temperature retaining ability, even with frequent door openings.
serieP is perfect for baking Roman style pizza and pizza by the slice.
If classic pizza is your main product, Amalfi is your oven.
When the best is not enough, there is Amalfi. Its baking chamber totally made of refractory stone, with heating elements inserted inside one by one for a greater thermal flywheel, it’s also specific for baking pizzas with more delicate toppings.

The gas oven range

P110G and P150G come from the most refined technology, suitable for intensive work rhythms and for those who need to use another energy source.
Available either with natural gas or LPG, with P110G and P150G you have maximum productivity in total safety.

The heavy-duty oven

Equipped with high density insulation and heavy-duty doors, the entire serieP range features glass doors and double lighting for a greater visibility during baking, without opening the oven.
Reduced heat loss and improved operation thanks to the special front band, further retaining heat leak.