In pizzeria with serieS

A single oven, lots of pizza styles.

Traditional pizza, tray-baked pizza, gourmet pizza, or “pizza in pala”? More or less hydrated dough, made with sour dough, biga, or long leavening?
All your ideas can come true thanks to serieS versatility of use.

Dedicated baking chambers

Romanbake is the supercharged chamber of serieS equipped with reinforced heating elements granting the right “push” in baking. The refractory deck is ideal for Roman style, tray-baked pizza.
Stonebake, is the chamber entirely made of refractory stone specific for classic pizza.
The heat distribution is uniform in order to enhance even the most delicate toppings.

Advanced technologies

serieS features advanced functions, improved for the perfect baking of pizza, such as Dual-Power™ Technology, which allows controlling of ceiling and floor powers independently. This way the Pizza Chef will calibrate the right amount of power without turning the product inside the oven.