In a recent interview for Identità on the road, the famous chef Massimiliano Alajmo drew the attention to the etymology of the word “ingredient”. Deriving from Latin ingrĕdi, literally “enter inside”, the ingredient can be interpreted as penetration of the matter, just like what happens during baking process: the heat penetrates the products, from the surface to reach the core gradually, changing shape, taste and texture. This phenomenon happens and is tangible in each preparation, reaching its climax when baking. Only when we have a quality baking the substance is transformed in the best way, valorising the product.
Thus, the motto “heat is an ingredient®”, coined by our CEO Mario Moretti, expresses a concept that perfectly fits in the definition above.
Whether is a leavened product, a pizza, a brioche or a gastronomy recipe, you cannot leave the baking process out of consideration. Heat is a cross ingredient, common and essential, but it has to be adequately dosed and calibrated for every preparation, in order to carry out its task perfectly.



Interpreting and using heat every day, we give life to technologies that make this magic work. In addition, a versatile and customisable equipment allows the professional to have a daily feedback: dosing and calibrating the right heat for various dishes with extreme precision, you will experiment different tasting experiences, gaining a deep awareness on the matter transformation, so of the ingredients, discovering brand new flavours. This baking value awareness sometimes not considered or perceived, but for us it is unavoidable: Heat is an ingredient®. For a perfect result it must be of the best quality.

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