At the pastry shop with serieS

A soft baking

Pastrybake, combined with specific heating elements and baking cycles for the perfect baking of pastry and long leavened products, can also be equipped on request with a constant-dispensing vapor and increased steam cycle.
It is also available with 30 cm internal height (Starbake), ideal for panettone and pandoro. Maximum temperature of 270°C (518°F) for a delicate baking.

Details that make the difference

The specific heating elements and the exclusive multilayered baking surface in embossed stainless steel, made of two stainless steel sheet layers and one specific thermal insulation layer, have been studied for the balanced and optimal heat distribution even for delicate products.
Soufflé, babà, brioches, cinnamon rolls perfectly baked!

Complementary tools

serieS panettone turning system is the ideal tool to turn “panettone” in a few minutes, saving time for a fundamental passage to maintain the product texture unaltered.
The care for every single detail and Moretti Forni know-how allow the perfect result, ensuring a longer shelf life and freshness of the final product.

Controlled leavening

Every model in serieS range, can be equipped with prover on request, both standard or humidified version.
Perfect for controlled dough fermentation, it’s a precious support for any pastry preparation. Available in two heights, 60 and 80 cm, equipped with castors, internal lighting and thermostat for continuous temperature detection (max 65°C/149°F).