Our commitment to the environment

The company’s commitment to sustainability is realized with the search for the perfect baking result combined with environmental protection, which has always been part of our core values and is infused in each project and product we make every day.

With Moretti Forni's sense of responsibility, we achieved:

Top performance in baking with the lowest consumption.

Patented technologies for minimum environmental impact.

Green energy throughout the production process.

Our constant responsibility is to blend corporate goals with the reduction of environmental impact for a sustainable development.

Our green commitment has always been:

Solutions for energy containment.

From the planning stage, our products are designed to last longer, because they are made with high quality materials. We are constantly working to lower consumption and make our customers’ workplace more comfortable.

Environmental footprint reduction.

868 solar panels transform the sun into energy

Our photovoltaic system guarantees a full green energy autonomy.

1000 TON less CO2 for the environment

We use 50 k kWh of renewable energy per year, the equivalent of over 55 k trees oxygen production.

Over 90% of our products with electric power supply

Result: zero emissions in the atmosphere and no use of wood for a clean and perfect baking.

Most of our products are modular

In case of higher production needs, it is possible to integrate the equipment, without replacing it. Consistent waste reduction.

Zero pollutants to clean our ovens

Our products use the power of pyrolysis: no use of detergents, solvents or other pollutants.

A more responsible consumption.

Archives digitalization
less paper used.
Plastic free events
reduced environmental impact.
Production processes reorganization
waste reduction.