In pizzeria with serieT


serieT bakes all types of pizza quickly and easily: classic pizza, New York style pizza, pizza by the slice, pizza baked in a pan. Every style has its own tool thanks to the dedicated accessories such as the rectangular or round pizza screen, the trays and pans available in different sizes.
For fresh, frozen or ready-to-regenerate doughs, serieT enhances every preparation in full respect of each topping, whether it’s pizza, focaccia, or flatbread.

High productivity in small dimensions

The most advanced impingement technology guarantees a superior baking quality, energy efficiency, maximum efficacy, and speed.
serieT is the perfect tool for serial and continuous production. You just need to put the products in, set the temperature of ceiling and floor and let the oven do the rest! An easy-to-use equipment, ideal to standardize production with excellent results, independently of the operator that is in the lab.