At the pastry shop with serieP

Embossed surface floor

In confectionery, indirect baking is the master. For tray-baked products, serieP can be equipped with a specific embossed surface that facilitates hot air passage under the tray. Uniform heat distribution and perfect baking!

Baking chamber with increased height

Extremely precise retention of the set temperature, reliability, and low operating costs make P120E particularly suitable for bakeries and traditional pastry production.
Available in 3 different dimensions, with or without steamer, among the various options it is possible to request a higher baking chamber (12″), ideal for higher products.


On request, serieP can be equipped with prover, standard or humidified, a precious ally for any pastry preparation.
Designed for controlled dough fermentation, the prover comes with castors and convenient tray holder slides.