At the bakery with serieS

The steam revolution

Steambake is equipped with a specific steamer to increase by 20% the quantity of wet steam to better cling to the product. The steady increased releasing and the improved steam cycle, with fastest recharge times, ensure a well leavened product, crusty outside and soft inside. The maximum baking temperature is 350°C (660°F).

Easy to bake

serieS bread loader is the ideal tool to bake the product inside the oven with a simple action, without ruining it.
It facilitates and speeds up handling operations without losing bread shape and texture. Made of anodized aluminum for the greatest lightweight and functionality, canvas 100% cotton, it is available in two dimensions.

The importance of the baking surface

The Bakingstone surface is especially suitable for indirect baking of small breads and salty leavened products, since it has been studied for the perfect heat distribution on all the baking surface.
The baking chamber is available with internal height of 16 or 30 cm (Starbake) to better match the production, be it bread, baguettes, buns, bread rolls, bread sticks, and so on.